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A tasty sampling from one of our taco days!

A tasty sampling from one of our taco days!

Sheep's milk cheesecake with wild persimmon jam and candied Arkansas ginger

Sheep's milk cheesecake with wild persimmon jam and candied Arkansas ginger

Carrot turmeric coconut cake

Carrot turmeric coconut cake

Hello, dear Beer Farm Friends!

It came to  my attention recently that we may have failed to inform when our full menu is available, and when we serve snack foods.  The following should clear that right up....Apologies for any confusion...this is all a work in progress :-) 

I added a page to the main website too, hopefully that will help!  Also you can always find info on our facebook page!!  And if there are special events, dinners, or menus we will always let you know in advance!

Hours, food, etc........current as of March 2018

Thursdays open 4-8pm---Food items include snacks like fresh sheep's milk cheese and local sourdough bread.  Our kitchen is not open during this time....ready made stuff in the deli case only!

Fridays open 4-8pm---Food items include snacks like fresh sheep's milk cheese and local sourdough bread.  Our kitchen is not open during this time....ready made stuff in the deli case only!

Saturdays 4-8pm---Saturdays and Sundays the kitchen is open, and our menu rotates weekly.  We have usually 6 to 8 various sized dishes ranging in price from 6 to 18 dollars.  We use meat from local, sustainably raised animals, and we always have a vegetarian option!  We take great pride in the unique, locally grown, hand crafted food we serve here at the beer farm...and we hope you love eating it as much as we love making it!  Please feel free to call ahead or send a facebook message if you would like to know what is on the menu before you come!  479-938-0199

Sundays 12-4pm---Saturdays and Sundays the kitchen is open, and our menu rotates weekly.  We have usually 6 to 8 various sized dishes ranging in price from 6 to 18 dollars.  We use meat from local, sustainably raised animals, and we always have a vegetarian option!  We take great pride in the unique, locally grown, hand crafted food we serve here at the beer farm...and we hope you love eating it as much as we love making it!  Please feel free to call ahead or send a facebook message if you would like to know what is on the menu before you come!  479-938-0199



It's worth a shot!

Hey BFF's!  We came across this opportunity and thought we'd give it a shot....we entered in the small business grant contest from Fedex!  If you're so inclined, follow this link




and vote for us!!  We plan to put any winnings toward the Big Barn Buildout and a bigger brewing system!!

More beer more better, right?!



Happy New Year!!

Deck Life is just around the corner......


I keep typing and backspacing, noticing the little list to the left with all of the same sentiments I have already expressed over the last year on these little postcards...."well now". "coming up for air", "i promise i'll post again soon!"  ... So at the risk of becoming even more redundant, I went with Happy New Year--since I seem to have missed that occasion ALL together!  The glamorous life of a small business owner/farmer/brewer, and the cluttered mind of a woman with about 187 projects actively evolving in her head--makes for quite the entertaining collective :-)  That said.....

WOW continues to be the theme around here....I'll just go from the most recent highlight in my mind to the last post and I should be done writing in a few days here.....!

deconstructed Baja tacos and crab stuffed artichoke... from California with Love

deconstructed Baja tacos and crab stuffed artichoke...from California with Love

We had a great Valentine's dinner, From California With Love, featuring a lovely spread of California themed and sourced food from our homeland!  We flew in fresh Dungeness Crab, clams, fish....Offered favorites like artichokes and olallieberries, even sushi! Of course, we paired our California faves with our Arkansas creations....a good time was had by all.  We are looking forward to events like this in the future, we love bringing you fresh, creative food in a comfortable, friendly setting...It's exactly what we set out to do!  Be on the lookout for some collaboration dinners with other local faves as well!

As you can see in the photo up top....we added a deck!  What a perfect place for the second cedar plank table made by our friend Kendall at Bright Moon Builders!  We are seriously excited about the coming warm months so we can enjoy our friends and some good beer, and maybe even a little pickin and grinnin under the summer skies, making more and more memories along the way.  Currently we have an outdoor heater (when it isn't raining anyway!) out there for the folks who just can't wait for the sun!

Because we just can't seem to stop adding tiny buildings......

Future smokehouse!!

Future smokehouse!!

Next tiny building on the horizon is a smokehouse!  We will operate our commercial smoker, a grill and a fryer in this little space...making it just that much better to come eat lunch or dinner out on the beer farm!


the long road home for a super short visit!

the long road home for a super short visit!

We pulled off the nearly impossible....we left town and got to visit family!  We left under the cover of night on a Sunday after close of business, and raced to California by plane, got in a rental car for 6 more hours, spend 3 glorious and painfully brief days with our littles (who are getting not so little!!) and raced back home.  So exhaustingly magically wonderful!  We squoze in all of our favorite food and breweries, got to bring family some of our beer, and got to bring some California beer home to share with our Arkansas family.  It was sweet but too short--and we can't wait to get them back on this farm!!!

even got to walk to school with em <3

even got to walk to school with em <3

.....And then we turned TWO!  Folks we cannot even BEGIN to tell you how much we appreciate your love, support, and your dedication to helping us make Prestonrose a reality!  It truly has been a dream come true for us to build this venture and see all of our hard work and dreams come to life!  For our 2nd beerthday celebration I brewed a pair of Belgian Abbey ales...one called Abbey Roots, celebrating seasonal root veggies, with carrots and beets blended into the brew, and one called Abbey Shoots,  celebrating our wonderful malt produced by the Wizards of Troubadour Malting! We served them up with a terrine of beets, carrots and Green Dirt Farms fresh sheep's milk cheese, on top of a house made cracker featuring the same malted grains we brew with.  I was really happy with this manifestation of so many things we hold dear....local farms, artisan grains, connecting food and beer, and sharing them with our community in a way that connects us all back to the roots and shoots that we live on!

Roots and Shoots for our Beerthday

Roots and Shoots for our Beerthday

We have formed a few new partnerships we are very excited about...We have started sourcing any veggies we don't grow from New South Cooperative, and meats from Grass Roots Cooperative!  These are great organizations put in place to connect farms and ranches directly with consumers and restaurants in an agreement that benefits all, and distributes Arkansas bounty around the state for all to enjoy!  Give em a look....and check out their CSA if you're in one of their service areas!! https://grassrootscoop.com/    &    http://newsouthcoop.com/

I'll wrap up with the upcoming events at the farm and hopefully will be back with another installment of the fine goings on at Prestonrose. 

Beer and Cheese Tasting!  Weds March 7th 6:30pm.  Tickets available here in the online store!

St Paddy's Day Celebration!  Saturday March 17th normal business hours.  We will have house cured local corned beef and lots of irish fare...as well as our annual release of our Irish Red ale, Cailleach Ruadh!

Spring release of 2018 Patience Imperial Stout!  Saturday March 31st, normal business hours, release of our Imperial Stout brewed yearly and released in seasonal increments while we explore how it ages.  Limited growler purchases, special food pairings will be on hand.

Look for the recipe for one of your favorite BFB treats in an upcoming issue of Arkansas Times!  They were lovely and asked us to share some secrets about a few dishes...so I picked one I think you'll all be happy with!  I'm hoping to be able to start blogging recipes here too as time goes on!

That gets us through March, friends!  April will be a little light on events while we get this farm back in full swing!  Babies are being started in the greenhouse soon, and the tiller is going back on my awesome red tractor :-)  Before you know it the market bins will be back out and you'll be shopping the deck for locally grown organic heirloom produce while sipping your fave Prestonrose Brew!!

Follow us at www.facebook.com/prestonrosefarm and instagram.com/prestonrosefarm for more regular updates and details for all events!!

Much love and friendship from us to you!!



well now.

Is summer **really** over?!

Is summer **really** over?!

So....yeah.  999mph means sometimes you don't keep ALL of your commitments, and these last few months it was my blog that fell to the bottom of the stack....I'll make this brief as I'm in the middle of brewing and wanted to send a quick note off in light of the new subscriptions we've received this week!

We've had quite a time of if these last few months....bistro opening, farm to table dinner, lots of events off the farm, the close to a great farm season, and our big event commitments come to a finale in just about 10 days!  The Farm and Craft Market, which is an event I started 4 years ago to act as a formal close of the farmers market season, and a welcome to the holidays.  Our downtown merchants in Paris all hold their open houses that day, and Santa makes his first appearance, so it seemed like a perfect way to celebrate our seasons.  In the years since, it has grown from 15 or 20 vendors in the park to an event with over 50 vendors, and one that requires that we close off 2 downtown streets, have food trucks, live music, and everyone's favorite....our Arkansas Craft Beer Garden.  It's a great way to try other Arkansas beers we don't usually see around here, and this year is no exception!  We will have Stone's Throw and Buffalo from Little Rock, Fort Smith Brewing Co and of course our own selves....serving up some fine craft brews!  The event takes place Sunday November 19th from noon to 6 and it's sure to be a great time!!  I'll leave you with our flyer for it below, and a whole hearted invitation to join us that day!  Prestonrose will be closed that day so we can all go over and work the event!

Here's the link to the event pages!



farm and craft flyer 2017.jpg

Coming Up for Air....

in this light everything looks like magic.....

in this light everything looks like magic.....

Well here we are again....the END of August....wait!  I don't remember the beginning or the middle!!  I suppose it's cliche but we really are reaching an intimate understanding of the things all the "old people" told us when we were young....Life really does go by in a flash and it just keeps going faster as you get older.  Might as well enjoy it and make it enjoyable for everyone else....right?!

Alright....the reports....


The Farm Report...

As you can see, peppers are upon us!  We have already done one very successful Hatch pepper harvest and will finish them off for the season this weekend (see events section!).  We have more than a dozen varieties of other peppers...in the photo starting with the bright red on the left and clockwise...Aji Dulce, Spicy Paprika, Shishito, Fish, Czech Black, Habanero (mustard, chocolate and regular varieties), Brazillian Starfish, Pimento, Pasilla.   Still tons and tons of those turning all the colors of the rainbow out there, and by the end of the month we should be knee-deep in fresh made hot sauce, powders and preserves made from these beauties!

We had quite a flash storm a few weeks back, 70mph winds knocked out power multiple times and took our sunflowers and some okra with it!  No major damage...the sunflowers were nearly done anyway...this just made for a more dramatic exit :-)  We spent a few hours the night of the storm with our friends Rick and Phil (who were visiting from Missouri and had no idea what they were in for when they came for a "vacation" on the farm!) helping clear trees from roads and highways surrounding the farm, and one BIG ol' whopper at our neighbor's house, blocking him from getting out of his driveway! So thankful we avoided big damage, and super happy to help out where we could.

We had a great hop harvest this year!  We picked a whopping 12 pounds (hey, that's a lot for us!) and the whole harvest went into an English IPA the very next day!  It will be available in a few weeks...We're pretty excited about that one!  Saved a few hops back for making mustard and incorporating into food items at the bistro :-)

Black eyed peas have been replanted in hopes of keeping us in peas all year...Limas are in, and we are excited about the harvest later this fall of the Cherokee black beans as well as the Rattlesnake green beans we will let dry to hard beans on the vine for some interesting refried beans on a future taco night :-) 

Tomatoes are preparing for their swan song...it's been a tomato roller coaster in there...from a bumper crop we could hardly keep up with to invaders-from-mars style tomato worm attack....we have done all we can do and are hoping to coax one more hurrah from them before the greenhouse is transformed for fall/winter.....

Okra is doing what okra does...growing well beyond 8 feet tall and producing more okra than people can eat....par for the course.....




The Beer Report....


Well, that new fermenter is sure getting a run for its money!  We are now at 18-20 barrels production a month, which is just about the limit for our little system.  We are looking into a few tweaks and improvements we can make to our brew house that would make the process more efficient...but as far as capacity goes...this is ALL WE CAN FIT in that little building!  We have a new mill coming, which will make the process of milling grains about 50x faster and much more consistent...just look at how pretty it is!  Huge shout-out to Jim over at Jimboney mills for custom building this cabinet for me, and having a frame and hopper custom welded to fit my rolling bin that I use to get grains from storage to the brewery :-)


Also new in the brewery building is our commercial oven, and coming soon our 4-burner commercial stove....as we inch slowly toward a full service commercial farmkitchenbrewerything!

Beers....We blew through the last hefeweizen at a record pace, so I'll be brewing up my now-annual tribute to my sister, Jenny's El Hefe...a hot pepper Hefeweizen....to be brewed Sept 25, her birthday.  After that the beer tribute to mom in early October called Blue eyed Susan Brown, a chamomile brown that was very popular the first time around...this time brewed with chamomile we grew, harvested and dried ourselves.  PB Toast was yet again a big hit, so I guess we'll be hitting up Pilot malt house for another shipment soon!  This week we will release two newbies, one called Blue Centennial...which is a beer brewed with two of my favorite malts from Troubadour, Blue Ballad and Blue Serenade.  It's single hopped with Centennial....hence the name....which I came across in a different context recently as well....The National Parks just celebrated their centennial, and in honor of it they launched a new program called Blue Centennial.  This program will explore the possibilities of implementing National Parks in our oceans, which would offer the same protection for our ocean territories as we have on land in our amazing national parks.  We are looking into contributing a portion of the sale of Blue Centennial Ale to this!       

The other newbie, Orange Nib Red, is an American red ale brewed with cocoa nibs and orange peels!  It's mighty tasty, and the Red and Blue go down mighty easy.....

September 30 will mark our fall release of Patience, the oh-so-smoothly aging imperial stout we brewed last December.  It just keeps getting better.  With our kitchen in full swing, we should be able to whip up something tasty that pairs nicely.....

Lastly but not leastly, our friends over at Wylde Abandon blackberry farm surprised us with a stash of blackberries frozen fresh during the summer harvest!  So...naturally.....we had to make you some more Saison Wylde.  It was so popular we went ahead and made a double batch this time....one last hoorah for summer fruit!  Now....where are those apples, pears and muscadines.......

The last of the roasted hatch green chile witbier, Hatch-Wit, will be on tap for our Hatch Harvest event.....keep reading......


A strange little rootbeer will be released here in a few days....I went all-out and hunted down (and by hunted I mean ordered--thanks San Francisco Herb Co!)  every ingredient that was listed in an "authentic" root beer recipe...sassafras, sarsparilla, wintergreen leaf, ginger, cherry bark, juniper berries, cinnamon, hops, licorice root, dandelion root...it was as fun to look at as it was to make!  The taste is, of course, completely different than what we know as root beer commercially....but I like it.  Hope you do too.


The Bistro Report

Seems only right to add this as a section here....the bistro is coming along nicely....slowly, but nicely.  Got those doors in, putting the baseboard up today....moved the beer serving cooler in there after it had a little checkup at the fixit shop....waiting on those tables and benches, and a ramp to get you up in it....and we should have ourselves a little Beer Farm Bistro!

So much coming soon!!&nbsp; So excited to finally get to share all of my kitchen adventures with you!!!

So much coming soon!!  So excited to finally get to share all of my kitchen adventures with you!!!

OK, ok ok....enough food porn....back to the reports....


Coming Monday, Sept 4th!  Our labor day gift to you....more labor!  Lol.....we will celebrate labor day with the final hatch green chile harvest and a half-a-day celebration to share it with you!  Noon to 7....there will be food.  There will be beer.  It will be good.

September 30....Fall release of Patience Imperial Stout!  Don't miss out....limited quantities!!!  Small growlers only!!

November 19, Sunday....4th annual Farm and Craft Market in Paris!  There will be music, market and a beer garden!

Tossing around the idea of a small Octoberfest on the farm, old style....stay tuned.

The "grand" opening of the Beer Farm Bistro will be a 5 course dinner with beer pairings for every course.  This of course depends on the delivery of our lovely new tables and benches....more to come.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end!  Or at least scrolling here....Peace out.

Bready Soapy Coffee Infused Tomato Green Bean Beer Soaked World with Roasted Chile on top!


My friends, my friends....so much to report!  I'm going to try and organize my thoughts into topics (what a concept huh) so I don't leave anything out!  Needless to say, I likely *will* leave something out...please pardon me in advance :-)



The Farm Report

Cucumbers are done for the summer...the piles and piles of them recovered before removing the vines are becoming pickles today.  More seeds will go in shortly for the fall cukes.  Tomatoes are in full swing...which means a whole day each week now needs to be set aside for processing what we don't sell!  Juice (Micheladas and Beery Marys coming soon to Sunday Brunch?! I think yes), sauce, puree, frozen, sun dried....Green Beans are going bonkers, so those will have to become some dilly beans and frozen packs for the winter...Hatch chile is set to have another wave of harvest this coming weekend...so be sure to be here if you want your roasted chile fix!  Okra is full speed ahead, we will fry, pickle, gumbo and sautee as long as we can stand it then put the rest up frozen or pickled for the winter.  Sunflowers continue to perform daily...and serve as a habitat for what I believe to be nearly every little yellow finch in the neighborhood.  Think I'll just keep planting them until they stop growing this year!


...late finish to the new high tunnel prep means winter squash seeds go in late...so fingers crossed there will be pumpkins for halloween!  If not well....we will have a big ol Squash party in November!  Black eyed pea wave #1 looks great, ready to seed #2 along with Lima beans, Edamame and some White Whipporwills and Razorback Reds....And the watermelon.  Oh. My. Goodness the watermelon!  If you haven't ever tried it, go get you some Orange Glo watermelon seeds from Baker Creek and GROW SOME! 

Also going in are carrots, mustard greens, des vertus french turnips and Georgia Collards.  And in another month, more cilantro and a few other cool weather beauties.

The Beer Report......

I really do brew every week.  Multiple Times.  I Swear!  Running low or out of beer has become the norm at the end of the weekend around here lately.....I kept thinking I was behind, or missed brew dates, or some event put us low or i'm just too slow....But no, you guys just come drink it all!  Some new equipment arrived a few weeks ago....30 more kegs and another 2 barrel (double batch) fermenter.  Just brewed the first summer saison in that bad boy, infused fresh grated ginger and California orange peel into the mix....can't wait to try that one!!  Here's hoping our additional equipment will calm the seas a bit....because quite honestly we are at capacity in our little "Brewette".....literally when you put all of our fermenters in their temp controlled room at once...you can't walk in.  So that's it folks.....this is what we can do in the space we have!! Let's make the best of it!!

The gluten free experiment continues.....With the aid of a FANTASTIC new false bottom screen custom made by our brewery builder, Ruby Street Brewing, and some wonderful GF malt from Grouse Malt House in Colorado, GF3 was made in this last brewing cycle and it's been very well received!  It isn't by any means certified gluten free since it is made in the same facility on the same equipment as the rest of our beers, but it is something that folks who are intolerant can enjoy.   This one is a little roasted nutty, a little fruity and came in at about 4.7% ABV. 

I finally got to dive into the beautiful bag of Antero Wheat given to us by our favorite Colorado maltsters, Troubadour Maltings, and made a big, fruity, 7.5% ABV Hefeweizen!  I would say you should come try some.....but it's gone.  Every drop, in one weekend.  Guess that one goes in the double batch plan next time!  Schooley also gave me a bag of an experimental roasted version of Antero Wheat....so we will see what madness I can stir up with that!

A new project I'm starting is Sunday Imperials....I'll make very small batch, very high gravity and super specialized brews about every other Sunday or so after we close....The first one will be an Imperial Stout...because there just aren't enough of those in the world :-)  OK, I love them and I wanted one.  But seriously, this little side project could prove to be kinda special....Thinking I need to bottle these rather than sell in pints....Only going to produce 2 or 3 kegs at a time....we shall see.  Anyone have a counter pressure bottle filler? 

Upcoming brews include the return (by almost threatening demand) of PB Toast, the aforementioned Summer Saison, West Coast IPA for you-know-who, A tasty Abbey, Coach's Cream Ale, Blue Eyed Susan Brown and of course Heritage, etc....Stay tuned!  I try to keep you up to speed on social media posting the beer menu as regularly I can, so you can make the trek out to the farm on the day that's right for you!

Coming Soon.....

I'll try and reserve this category for projects we are actually developing and working on-- rather than the ramblings of my wish-list style brain that has a million projects going on simultaneously! 

The Beer Farm Bistro.....Update: Doors going on this week!  Kendall over at BMR Builders is doing an absolutely stunning job artfully assembling the doors and soon tables and benches! Floors are in! Lights are on!  Sinks installed, A/C works!!! We are a couple hours of silicone sealing and baseboard installation away from making the big move with the beer serving cooler over to the new space! 


The first official gathering in the new building will be a Table at the Farm dinner (get it?! lol) complete with beer pairings for each course.  We will announce as that date solidifies, and will likely have to do a few dates to take care of everyone who wants to attend....so stay tuned!

In addition to our special dinners and events, we will add a few small food/beverage items to our farm offerings, including espresso drinks, Beery Marys, brunch items, family style dinner options like lasagna, taco nite etc., and much more.  You'll be able to select from a variety of cheeses and house cured meats to enjoy at the farm or take home, and we will offer items made fresh from the farm- like sauces, salsas, pickles, etc.  So much to come!!!

We have been working for a while with our friends over at Viney Creek Farm in Dover, AR having them incorporate our beers into their line of dreamy soaps!  We have had a few bars here and there and everyone loved them, so we are happy to announce a full line of beer soaps made by miss Delinda LaRue herself will be on sale at the Beer Farm Bistro as soon as the shelves are up!!  Joining those wonderful soaps will be many items hand crafted right here in the Natural State...so stay tuned!!


In the News...

We have had quite the guest list these last few weeks! 

We had a beer farm first....Our friends Thomas Kiefer and his lovely bride Julia decided to announce their pregnancy to Thomas' Dad here at the beer farm!  They ordered a custom growler ahead of time imprinted with "Grandpa's Brew" and had us fill it up with beer and bring the special delivery to their table while they were here!  Grandpa's reaction was precious, and we were honored to be a part of that beautiful day!

You may have heard that small, independent craft breweries are registering as certified independent through our national Brewer's Association....Our independence and our craft are very important to us, and the association has devised a way to indicate to consumers that we maintain our independence.  We are proud to announce that we are Certified Independent Craft!  Read more about it here, and look for this label on ours and your other favorite craft brews!

As we continue to weave local partnerships into the fabric of the Beer Farm, we are super excited to announce our new partners, Fox and Fork of Clarksville, AR will be providing their amazing sourdough bread (and more varieties to come) both for meals served here at the farm and their monster 3-lb loaves to purchase and take home!  The obvious relationship between bread and beer is a beautiful thing, and it's materializing deliciously over here!!

We are also excited to announce our additional partnerships with Fort Smith Coffee Company, who already provides the coffee for our delicious Fort Smith Porter....they now feature Prestonrose Beer ON TAP in Fort Smith!  Currently they have the porter on tap, and will have Heritage back on later this week!  Spreading the beer farm love all over!!  Once we start espresso service in the bistro, we will use their fresh roasted fair trade beans to rev up your day!

On tap beautifully at FSCC!

On tap beautifully at FSCC!

Grain+Yeast+Water+Love =

Grain+Yeast+Water+Love =

We finally got the Beer Snob to the farm!  John the Beer Snob, a Little Rock writer of all things beer, made the journey with his wife out to the Beer Farm this last week, and visited, tasted and shopped....then wrote a lovely little piece that we are honored to be featured in for his weekly newsletter.  You can read it here

The Evolving shape of Farmers Market in Paris.....This season, I made a decision.  I stepped back from the Saturday morning Paris farmers market.  It was not easy....I spent 4 years serving my new community as the organizer for that market, and I believe we did some good.  We had a wonderful time, made new friends and learned a LOT.  The time has come to accept the fact that Prestonrose has grown to the extent that I am needed here on the farm 7 days a week (until we get that 8th day on the books anyway)....and to accept the fact that the majority of the vendors at the Paris market are very independent and prefer to lead themselves in their own way, on their own terms.  I am forever grateful to Paris and our regular customers for letting me get my feet wet as a new member of the community, a new farmer and a brief leader.  We will continue with our annual Farm and Craft Market on the square the Sunday before Thanksgiving...but our market efforts will be shifted to the online market www.parisarkansas.locallygrown.net and On-farm sales.  We will bring the ability for community members to use their EBT cards for fresh produce here at the farm and several other community improvement projects are in the works...Additionally the pop-up market here at the farm was such a success, we can't wait to do it again!  We are also still working toward a commercial incubator kitchen for our area....more to come on that.

The Farm Shop Online

The stainless growlers are back in stock!  You can order them here http://prestonrose.squarespace.com/new-products/ as well as purchase them when you visit the Beer Farm.  Shipping is available! 

T-shirts, on the other hand, are another story!  We proudly print on American Apparel tri-blend t-shirts and folks have come to know that brown paper bag colored, super comfy version of our shirt.  Alas, as is common in business these days, American Apparel has been sold to another company...unfortunately one who did not see that "tri-coffee" shirt as a big seller, and discontinued it!  We are currently in search of the perfect replacement.....And we will let you know when we find it!  At present I believe all we have left is XXL and small!


Beer Farm Yoga continues Monday nights at 7pm....it has shaped up to be a very peaceful, positive way to begin our week here on the farm....and we are so grateful the lovely miss Anne Canada continues to grace us with her patient, loving instruction.  If you have not given it a try....come on by!  And share some conversation and a pint when you're through!

Table at the Farm Dinner....Date TBA, but know that it will be a Tuesday or Wednesday evening.  We want to be able to put all of our focus into presenting the best quality meal in the most enjoyable setting for these dinners....so we will hold them on nights the brewery tap room is not normally open, and we will limit seating to 18 people.  You'll be able to purchase tickets online and at the brewery once we announce.  We will feature 5 to 6 courses of exclusively local/regional cuisine (mainly sourced right off the farm) paired thoughtfully by the brewer/chef (lol that's me--it still feels weird to say it) with our unique farm crafted beers.  We hope these dinners grow into a tradition and a destination for our regular customers and new visitors alike.  So exciting!!!

Classes.....You've all been asking long enough!  We will add short, small sized classes to the beer farm very soon.  Included (not in this order) will be homebrew classes, cheese making, baking, cooking etc.  Also we are in talks with a local Arts and Crafts shop who would like to come and do a Paints and Pints (or the like) event here on the farm.  Schedules coming soon!

You guys....honestly.  I cannot begin to thank everyone enough, and I cannot explain what an absolute dream come true this adventure is turning out to be.  I think I really just let it sink in the other day that this is really working!  It only took a year and a half, lol, but I'm finally accepting that this business is succeeding and the dreams we had are becoming reality!  I'm writing schedules.  I'm documenting SOPs.  I'm making binders.  It's real.  Not one single second of it has been easy.  Not one single aspect of it has been simple.  Or cheap.  But it worked.  It's a no-days-off, sleep-when-you-can, always-in-business-mode, hot, sweaty, tear-filled, joyous, satisfying, exhausting ride.....and it's worth it.  Thanks for coming along with us!!!