Any Day Now....I'll have a second or three....


Plant, grow, feed, pick, cook, brew, serve, repeat! With the exception of a few instagram posts and an event or two, that is the whole of my world these days! We have an AMAZING, dedicated, supportive, loving and appreciative community of friends, family, customers, fans and partners! I’m just going to make it a point to include that in EVERY. SINGLE. POST. We could not have imagined in a million years the warm embrace we were met with when we started this journey, and we continue to relish and appreciate every single day! So thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!! We love you guys!

We have some pretty exciting events coming up over the next few months! This time of year is, after all, the most enjoyable to get out and see the Natural State…and boy, do they!


This weekend we celebrate the end of summer harvest with our own little Hatch Fest :-) Saturday and Sunday Sept 29/30 we will flood our menu with delicious dishes featuring our own Prestonrose Hatch Peppers prepared in as many ways as we can squeeze into that little kitchen! We held back a few bushels of those beauties to roast live for ya too….there really is nothing in the world quite like that beautiful smell of roasting peppers!! We will feature meats, cheeses and other items like locally grown rice from our farm partners….as well as lots of fresh crops right off our own farm! It’s a great weekend to check out the beer farm, and those tasty little peppers too! Plan on answering the all-important question when you order… or green?

Also this Saturday (Sept 29) we will release our annual batch of Jenny’s El Hefe! Brewed in honor of my sister Jenny, whose fave beer style was wheat, and she loved spicy things. She was also pretty bossy—so this fits the bill pretty well! We will be serving that up alongside our Hatch menu so look out!

Sunday Sept 30 is the Fall release of Patience! Bottles of our Imperial Stout brewed last winter and aged these last 9 months will be available in limited supply! Noon to 4pm Sunday only!

We still have a few spots left in PC2, our second edition of the Prestonrose Pint Club! I’ll post a separate note here to tell you how to claim your spot! It’s a great deal, and gets you all kinds of beer farm clout!

We’re cooking up all kinds of exciting things here on the beer farm this fall….stay tuned!!