Hours and Food
4-8pm thurs - light snack menu offered
4-8pm fri - light snack menu offered
4-8pm sat - full beer farm menu offered-rotates weekly
12-4pm sun - full beer farm menu offered-rotates weekly

***photos of food on this or any other website are representative of our menu, which rotates weekly!  If you are after something specific, please call ahead and see if it will be available!***

*by light menu we mean cheese, fresh bread, local honey, local chocolate, local popcorn, vegan jerky, and sometimes pickles.

*by full menu we mean seasonal, scratch made items from fresh produce grown here at the farm or very close by. There is always a meat option. There is always a veggie option. We try and always have a vegan option. If you have particular needs, please don't hesitate to call and ask/request.

*we don't have burgers and fries. or American Cheese. Or canned soup. sorry.

*kid friendly? Yes, as long as your kids stay with you at all times.  We are a working farm!

*dog friendly? No. We have three very protective farm dogs here and this is their home. We keep them in a separate yard while we are open, and listening to/smelling/seeing other dogs would just be mean. We ask that you leave your dogs and any other pets at their home.

*credit cards? Yes!

*Growler fills? Yes! Some smaller batch beers no....but mostly yes!

*Tours? Sort of! lol, the brewery is an 18x20 foot building that is converted into a kitchen every weekend for bistro service…so there’s not much to see! There is usually someone around who can answer questions though, and we are happy to!

*list of available beers - yes! check facebook before you come and if you don't see one when you check--give us a call!

*Phone number 479-938-0199

*we do answer messages through social media as well. You can also email us at prestonrosefarm@gmail.com

*google maps gets you right here to the driveway.

*our driveway is narrow and gravel. except in icy weather, we have never seen anyone unable to get a car up it safely.

*our indoor seating accommodates 25… 30 if you're really friendly :-) We have lots of outdoor seating. Check the weather before you come!

*we do not require, or accept, reservations. With the exception of ticketed/special events, we are a first come, first served establishment.

*we are open during posted hours. We are a grass roots, family run business with a staff of 4 including the owners! The hours we are not open are spent farming, brewing and processing/prepping food....and sleeping!  We do live here on the property, so it is a little different than visiting a storefront in town or an industrial warehouse somewhere. Thank you for respecting the hours and our homestead, and thank you for supporting our small business!