Seeds and Flowers and Chocolate and Beer

delphinium carolinianum...Wild Larkspur.

delphinium carolinianum...Wild Larkspur.


It's that time of year....time to bring everything back to life!  The header photo there is one of the best things about living where we live...these perfect, entrancing, beautiful flowers just grow wild, everywhere...A friend from Japan once told me, upon seeing these flowers, It makes me thankful to have eyes.

As I type this my workspace is buried in hand written plans for each plot on the farm, sketches of our new building for the brewery, labels for beer festival posters, sketches of the yet-unbuilt cedar boxes for dwarf citrus trees, sketches of gift baskets, and piles...and piles....and piles of seeds.  Jars, cups, bags of whole sunflower heads, dried okra pods bursting with future okra.  Every year I purchase fewer and fewer seeds...and every year the boxes get more numerous and the number of things I don't have space to plant grows!

In the ground so far are watermelon, black eyed peas, cucumbers, dill, cilantro, chamomile, lots of flowers, 8 kinds of basil and much more.  The heirloom tomato and pepper starts are all reaching for the sky in their little greenhouse...transplanting party soon!



The new tiny space for the brewery just got ordered...should be in place and getting decorated for our beer farm friends to enjoy in the next 5 weeks!  Yet another work in progress, we know you'll grow into it along with us

basket assembly beginning

basket assembly beginning

We put together some locally produced goods and beer farm goodies for those wanting a little assist with their mother's day shopping!  You can check them out on facebook, twitter, instagram and here on our "shop here" page.  They're a little too delicate and cumbersome to ship so we're only offering on-farm pickup this year.  We are super excited to form new partnerships with several more small, Arkansas based businesses including Bohemian Farms, Viney Creek Farm, Kyya Chocolate, Little Rock Crate and Basket and of course our friends the Merritts and their fantastic hand crafted wooden growler holders!  Order by May 9th to pickup Mother's Day weekend!!

Cinco de Mayo is creeping up quickly...and we are getting ready!  We have meats coming from Boyd Family Farm, Veggies from Red Rooster Farm and of course Kent Walker Cheese and Prestonrose Beer to cook up a great taco spread for you to enjoy while you listen to Poor Ol Uncle Fatty croon in the Holler.  No food truck this's all on me.  It's ok...I can do it!!

And Chocolate!  We are (probably a little too) super excited to bring another great Arkansas Made product to our neck of the woods...Kyya Artisan Chocolate will soon be available at to pair with your favorite craft brew, wine, coffee or just indulge in some amazing, hand crafted, beautiful chocolate...made the way it should be.  We know you'll love it as much as we do!!  More on the Kyya story soon.

Alrighty then....back on my head.