Tacos again....and Poor ol' Uncle Fatty....

monday colors

monday colors

Howdy y'all!  As the sun started setting on our little beer farm tonight I realized it was time for this week's hello....so hello!  Spring is springing everywhere here at Prestonrose...everything that possibly can be is turning green again....fireflies are making their seasonal debut...wildflowers are everywhere, the scent of the black locust trees is so sweet and so beautifully intoxicating, it often stops me in my steps and forces my eyes shut, just to enjoy it for a moment.  Right behind them will be the honeysuckle, just as distracting with her smell...They remind me of wild plant versions of sirens, testing me to see if I'm really hard at work, trying their best to coax me off task.  Nearly 5 years here in one spot, and it still never ceases to amaze me that each and every year we see critters, plants, trees, bugs that we have never seen before.  Ever! 

first spring violets

first spring violets

I started a "wildflower of the day" post on facebook a few years back....perhaps I'll pick that back up here or instagram...there are so many.  The black locus tree was by far my favorite one to learn so far this year (Thanks Living Kitchen Farm!)...just imagine a cross between the smell of jasmine and grape hyacinth and honeysuckle.....heaven.  Imagine a little sprig of that tied to your beer glass full of a light, fresh farmhouse saison....mmm...OK!  Back on track......


Next event on the beer farm is this Saturday, April 22 at 9am....Sound a little early for beer?  NEVER!!  Our next installment of Beer Farm Yoga will begin at 9am, and once we're through saluting the sun and honoring the earth...it's time for breakfast beer!  We will have pints and homemade bagels for all of our BFY'ers....as well as a special earth day gift of certified organic Prestonrose Farm seeds to plant at your own little corner of this beautiful rock.  Be sure to check the events section at our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/PrestonroseFarm/events/?ref=page_internal

Cinco de Mayo is on the horizon!  We will have a little "to-do" with some neighbors and friends....We will have our second installment of music on the farm...with the one and only Poor ol' Uncle Fatty!  Check out his page..... https://www.facebook.com/Poor-ol-Uncle-Fatty-163545937006133/?hc_ref=SEARCH and come on out Friday May 5th for the release of our Mexico Mariachi spicy coffee stout, some good music and yanno....tacos!

The farm is coming along slowly, but surely!  We are preparing beds for planting very soon, and the pepper and tomato starts are about ready for their transplanting!  Get in touch with us if you want in on any of the farming fun! 

New on tap this week will be our "Tea-S.B."...my take on an ESB (extra special bitter) which includes the added twist of green tea......get it?  Also Abbey Rose will be added to the lineup later in the weekend (Saturday most likely)....It's a nice malty Abbey Ale fermented with Rose Hips.  Turned out pretty nice actually :-)  Ginger Ale will also be back in business.

Don't forget to grab those Cottontown Brews Fest tickets soon!  They're going fast and it's sure to be a blast!  The first of its kind in our area....we are pretty stoked! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cottontown-brews-festival-tickets-32482934331?aff=es2

Much love to sister in law Sandy on her birthday today....thinking of family and celebrations and all of the wonderful crazy people in our lives....and smiling.

Peace y'all....see ya soon on the farm.